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Christian Youth Fellowship - Platt River Ride

CONTACT PERSON: Casey Walkup (402) 366-6939 & Lois Burke (402) 525-0001

WHAT: Youth Group River Ride on the Platt

WHERE: Platt River by Central City (Drop off & Pick up @Stromsburg Baptist Church)

WHEN: Drop off time - Sunday, July 22, 2018 @1:30PM

Please return form to church or email a signed copy to sbcsecretary7@gmail.com

LEADERS and STUDENT(S) will be driving.

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Stromsburg Baptist Church Fellowship Events

Multiple members of our church will be hosting fellowship events at their homes the afternoon evening of August 12th.

The pastor and his family will be hosting a barbecue at the parsonage and church lot as well...

But, they will also be having a slip'n'slide xtreme kickball event for the youth. How far can you kick an exercise ball while on a slip'n'slide?

Join our church as we celebrate life and worship the Lord together!

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