The opening sermon to this series is called, Living Gospel and dives into 2 Corinthians 5:14-6:2

The foundation to sharing the message of restorations is keeping your focus on the living God and eternity as you strive to be an example to others who believe in God and those who are not restored to God. 1 Timothy 4:10 & 12.

When you love others, when you are kind, even when you give a smile to encourage another person do others know it is because of Jesus in your life? 

How have you invited others into your family, as well as the family of God?

The question is not if the costly moments to love others for Jesus come, the question is what will you do when they come? Acts 5:12-42

Who are you unwilling to share Jesus with? another pressing question is that of where do you not share Jesus? This is not a question of means, but simply a question about whether you are sharing Jesus with everyone and everywhere around where you are.

God uses the hardest situations to produce greatest joy! What gives you peace, or grounds you, during frustrating and difficult situations?

Instead of your circumstances derailing your praise of God you can use your praise of God in your circumstances to bring others to God.

There are a litany of reasons why we don’t share Jesus with others, and one reason why we must share Him with everyone at all cost to ourselves. He did.

Do you pray that the sin, hurt, and cruelty people do to you and those you love would be forgiven? Do you pray that they would be given great gifts and happiness while they harm you? 

Sharing the Gospel everywhere you go is an essential part of the Gospel itself. The Gospel itself is the presentation of God's desire to give grace to the world.

How inspired are you by the grace you have in Christ? Really, what does being excited about grace in Jesus through faith look like for you? This question is important because if you are not excited about this message that you have maybe heard a thousand times why would anyone else being excited about transforming and destroying their life for God. Eternity with God will not be boring so do not let these truths become stale to you today.