ERIC & JANET JOHNSON - Northern Mexico: Eric's primary focus is leadership development and church mobilization as he develops materials for the Retool Kit process in Spanish and leads churches through the two year process. Janet focuses on forming and developing LEADNET teams for pastors' wives and on developing a women's ministry with LEADNET principles in the local church.



JIM & LYNN JARMAN - Church Multiplication Catalysts - Sweden: This fantastic couple on the verge of retiring here in the states felt the call to go overseas and help prepare leaders, encourage communities, and see Sweden come alive in Christ. They see a great deal of potential in and through Sweden. Sweden sets an example for the world in equality, human rights, environmentalism, and technology. Stockholm is the fastest growing city in Europe - 30,000 move there each year it is also intensely diverse in language, cultures, and people groups that can cross the globe.

 Sweden is the #1 most atheistic nation in the world 98% of Swedes do not know Jesus personally. Sweden has seen 20% of its churches have close in the last 10 years and without revival the name of Christ will be forgotten there. Stockholm is the global city with the lowest % of Christians.

Thankfully there is a response to this. Swedish Christian leaders have requested help. Converge and EFCA/ReachGlobal have formed a strategic alliance for Sweden both are church multiplication movements rooted in Swedish heritage. The vision is to revive the city of Stockholm for Christ by helping the Swedish church facilitate prayer, evangelism, discipleship and church planting movements

A focal point and thriving New Life Church Stockholm has planted 20 churches in Stockholm and 10 more in university cities. Christ’s name is being hear, lives are being changed, and a revival is coming. Join with our church as we pray for Jim and Lynn, but also pray for Sweden!


The Well & Joe Marino – Hastings, NE: Joe and his wife Christy, with their seven children: Lewis, Faith, Harley, Aubre, Hope, Grace and Charity, have live in Hastings, Nebraska since June 2008.  Joe has served in pastoral ministry since 2004 and began planting The Well in August 2012. Joe and his wife Christy are passionate about helping people become lifelong followers of Jesus.

The Well has recently become Tri-Affiliated they work with Acts 29 Ministry, Converge (Baptist General Conference), and most recently the Southern Baptist Convention. Through these multiple support systems God has been able to bless and encourage Joe his church team and the community of Hastings with the knowledge and love of Jesus the Christ.

DOUG & STEPHANIE:  live in rural Africa. Animals are very important in the area. Doug uses veterinary medicine as he works with animal owners. The work involves teaching, training interns, treating animals, and helping people provide for their families through animals. Living and working in this area have enabled Doug and Stephanie to be part of the community, and peoples’ lives.

Duane and Andrea - Training Leaders International: Duane serves as Vice-President of Theological Education for Training Leaders International. TLI exists to establish and strengthen local churches and their leaders around the world. In order to meet the needs of the church in the world, TLI trains pastors to preach the Word of God faithfully. Prior to his work with TLI, Duane served as pastor of the Stromsburg Baptist Church for seventeen years. In addition to gaining experience in pastoral ministry, his travels overseas demonstrated the need for sound doctrinal teaching in the church worldwide.  Duane and his wife Andrea live in Minnesota and are the parents of six children, recently becoming grandparents for the first time.

NORDIC-BALTIC – Converge (Previously the Swedish Baptist Conference)

For centuries the countries of the Nordic-Baltic region had vibrant, growing Christian communities. But political censure and cultural drifting in each of these nations has dimmed the light of Christ to the point of near darkness.

A total of 31.9 million people live in the Nordic-Baltic region. Only 1.4% percent of them (less than half a million people) are evangelical, born-again Christians. For every person who has a committed relationship with Christ, 71 do not.

Converge is replicating what it has done in Estonia for the past twelve years. The aim is to grow existing churches, recruit and train Christian leaders, and lead hundreds of people to Christ. They plan to do this through publication of evangelical books translated into the Estonian language, leadership training and development, pastors renewals, youth ministry, English and sports camps, family counseling, outreach concerts, as well as the construction of a playground and several churches.

Countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

Brian and Chris - Europe

are an amazing couple dedicated to sharing the gospel. They serve a community in Europe at a community center. They serve the community and especially many refugees through different types of classes, skill training for jobs, a clothing closet, and many other areas. These opportunities open the door to present why they do this, they do these things for the Lord.

They spend time in Africa helping people in need and do many other fantastic things for the sake of Christ. Join with our church community in praying for them!