What do we pray for most? Do we pray that the world would know God? Do we pray that we would be fearless in making Him known and be granted the opportunity, even to suffer as He did, to make Him known? It all comes back to that great truth. God is intended to be known. You are intended as His image bearer to make him known and you are intended to be known by Him.

April Fools! He is Risen! They thought He was dead and gone, even Jesus's disciples! But, Jesus is alive and has transformed the landscape of life, eternal life!

Jesus was born to a very peculiar family tree. From Abraham to Manasseh there are numerous instances of, well, sinfulness. The God of the universe is one of grace and truth. And, the truth is God has had to show a lot of grace to the lineage of the family He chose to be born into.

Often times we want to praise the Lord in our way, in our time, because our circumstances are the way we want them. I, at least, can be frustrated when good was intended but harm was returned. Yet, amidst all of the situations in David’s difficult life he praised the Lord. In reading and studying this psalm hopefully we can learn to delight in the Lord like David with all sincerity in this same manner.

Christmas is not about what we give, but what we would give of ourselves to forgive! You can feed the hungry, care for the sick, make rich every poor person you ever meet, but if you are unwilling to be broken to forgive others you fail to imitate Christ in His greatest act of love.

The Apostle John wrote a book about Jesus, we call it a Gospel. Matthew, Mark, and Luke wrote these as well. Luke and Matthew normally get all the glory and use during the Christmas season, but John speaks of Jesus coming into the world as well. The Word became flesh, the God who made and sustains everything came into the world He created to be rejected.