As a church, just like the church of Philippi we must show honor give encouragement and sacrifice our positive publicity for the sake of the body, the body that is Christ! He speaks of unity in the church being a price worth paying, with joy and tenderness. We can be inspired and encouraged by the greatness of God! The love and sacrifice of God can and should inspire, challenge, as well as spur us on to love one another sacrificially!

Our confidence and joy is not about who has a better lot in life it is the simple fact that Christ is the best lot anyone can have in life. Having Christ and nothing else is better than not having Christ and having everything else.

Find your greatest joy in Christ. In that joy you will joyfully, not reluctantly, pursue others for the sake of the cross. Pursue both those who do not have faith and aim to encourage and bolster the faith of those that do!

The free gift of grace is such an unfathomable privilege, it is an honor. But, how do we walk worthy of the Gospel. We walk worthy of the Gospel by imitating Christ even to death so that others can have the Gospel!

The humility we have is not the end in itself. The humility we have is not only to raise up or encourage others, it is to display Christ. He is, like in everything, the purpose of our humility. His exultation is the purpose of our joyful humility. And, the unity that is spoken of is not simply unity as a church, or as people of faith, not that is to small. We have unity together because in our humility we have unity with Christ.

Simply said, we follow Jesus not always knowing exactly what will be asked of us, but we follow Him no matter what is asked of us because He is God. God is the purpose. His glory is the focus of our lives. We are aimed at Him, our gaze fixed, our target never out of focus.

How are you being defined by the Gospel through your inexplicable and embarrassing love for others so that others can know the creator God? How does your life revolve around the simple and drastic principle of making God known to others?

The cause of Christ is the greatest banner that we can raise. It can be the greatest joy and the greatest time of sorrow. The point that we must not forget is that of taking risks for the cause of Christ.

Our joy in our own continued grace filled salvation is meant to lead us to bring that same level of grace filled attitude toward others. Not that it does not hurt, not that it is not costly to give grace, not that is not dangerous to joyously count everything as loss because of the surpassing joy in Christ. Struggling to justify giving grace to others is like looking at a candle in the middle of a sunny summer day and saying that it is bright.  

How does what I do line up with the goal of seeking eternity with God? This is an important question to ponder. We as a gathering of believers are called to focus on Christ with every aspect of our lives and to inspire others to do the same. We are given the great task of restoring the people of the world with the God whom we are all made in the image of, who suffered to be known to them.