Join with me as we aim to reflect what God is preparing us to be through His Word! The opening of this series is found in the opening Psalm. It is a psalm of instruction. It is psalm of introduction and so it is important for us to be prepared appropriately for the rest of the Psalms.

It is a celebration of who God is, what He has done, and what He forever will be known for. He actively engages with the community that he created and sustains. He declares His greatness and fame through the way He stands for those who believe in Him. God is Good, he is above all others and rather than hiding from His greatness we must passionately and with utmost dedication declare His greatness.

His love endures forever!

This psalm is one of confidence in despair, mockery, and the lowest of stations. The psalmist wrestles with how when life is at its worse, how can we stop praising God? The finality of life will be determined by God and so will every other moment, those who have been wronged will find things made right.

We put our trust and hope in the Lord, He leads us. While being led by the Lord despair and hardship still come our way. But, when pain and hardship the Lord’s strength is our comfort.

It does not matter how great or how small the situation is God is the God of the universe. He is the creator. When you think that you have no hope it has just begun because He will provide in a way unimaginable.

What do you do when not only everything in world around you is against you, but you are finding that God is against you? Or, if God is not against you, He has forsaken you, forgotten you, and left you to be destroyed. Awake God, and remember who you say you are, remember who you say you are to me.

What guides your day? What guides your night? What do you follow for your life? You are aiming toward something in your life, whether purposefully or randomly. You are going to be somewhere even if you are already there. The question is what or who are are you aiming at, who are you following, and where will you end up? Have the Lord be your prize and your guide, He invites you to be led by Him.

Psalm 52 takes a ruthless, hopeless, and disheartening moment in David’s life and points to the Lord with confidence. It is a trust that no matter the circumstances God is more than enough. No matter the moment, there is a simple and unfailing truth God is. It is God’s presence, being with God that defines David. It is not that God is doing something David is confidently waiting for God to do something.

Inspire all to praise Him. That is a purpose in our praise. We aim to proclaim who He is not simply because God can hear and we want Him to see and hear, we praise God so that the whole of creation can know Him and join in the praise!