The Living Gospel series is Pastor Nathan Chapman's first series here at Stromsburg Baptist Church. The premise of the series is that anyone who is living for God will live for Him by sharing the message of restoration with others!

April Fools! He is Risen! They thought He was dead and gone, even Jesus's disciples! But, Jesus is alive and has transformed the landscape of life, eternal life!

The Psalms are a wonderful way to reflect who we are in a way that honors the Lord. The important perspective to recognize as you honor the Lord through the Psalms, the Psalms are not always full of thankfulness. Similar to our lives there are moments for praising God and moments for despair. See yourself and your community as we look into the Psalms.

Jesus was born to a very peculiar family tree. From Abraham to Manasseh there are numerous instances of, well, sinfulness. The God of the universe is one of grace and truth. And, the truth is God has had to show a lot of grace to the lineage of the family He chose to be born into.

The Apostle Paul's emphasis on the Gospel is intrinsic to the letter to the Philippians. His purpose in expressing how peace with each other because how the joy in Christ  surpasses all things is reticent throughout. The question that is left is ,how much is the gospel worth to you?